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If you have questions, Sepp is the right one to answer them.

He lives in Val Senales already since Ötzis times.

As a native he knows the valley very well and he's glad to recommend the most beautiful places in town.


Of course skiing is his passion. And if he can not ski for a few days, is better not to meet him.

During summer you can meet him with his road bike called 'Blondi'.

If he's out for a small tour, you won't see him for six hours.

In addition to his skiing and biking skills, Sepp is quiet a good cook too. His favorite hobby is to have a nice barbecue with his friends. If you are a lucky guest, you can enjoy the tasty fishplates and Bruschetta.


Of course you can book him as a cooking teacher or ski instructor!



Lisa is the Girl in our Skifactory, literally. She's responsible for different things: E-Mails, Facebook, orders, service plan and gossip.

But her favourite employment is to take care of her little Aussie-dog Mali, who follows her on every step since december 2016.  

Lisa and Mali are a cool Team and they keep the Boys in the Skifactory busy.

Also Lisa, the crazy chicken, loves to ski and so you can find her carving big turns on the glacier. In February, unfortunately it went wrong and since then she has to stay in the office and she has three screws in her knee. But you don't need to be afraid. Next winter she will be skiing again and problably faster then before!

skifactory, masocorto, platzgummer lisa, blizzard

Skifactory, masocorto, skirent , skiverleih, blizzard

Zsolt & Karlo

Zsolt & Karlo are Romanian brothers and probably the most hard-working guys in Maso Corto. They are giving their best to offer you the best Skiservice in town. If you watch them when working, you understand that they are brothers because they are not talking.
Of course both love sports and nature:
Zsolt prefers to test the newest Blizzard skis on his free days while Karlo loves Skitouring.
During summer they are mountain biking a lot and so it might happen that you meet them somewhere in the mountains.
In any case they are a strong team and we would like to thank you guys!




As already mentioned, Mali ( an Australian Shepherd female), is the smartes part in our team since december 2016.
At the moment of her arrival we felt in love with her. She was sleeping a lot the first days, actually she was only sleeping. But when it was snowing the first time, we couldn't stop her anymore! She was running around, jumping into the deep fresh-snow and if she could, she would stay outside 24/7.

Of course this adventures are much better if you have a friend by your side. It was a big luck that Mali met her best friend Mailo. Mailo is an Aussie too and they love to spend time together. I would say that they are best friends!


Would you like to know Mali? No problem! Follow her adventures on




The very best at the end! May I introduce:
David Platzgummer.
Sepp's son finished tourism
college last summer and
helps us when we are busy!

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