Ötzi Alpin Marathon 2018

Congratulations to our Team Skifactory - Activevents.pl  for the 5th position in the category man <120.

Karl Tappeiner (bike), Giudo Lori (run) and Jakub Gasior (ski) delivered great results and finished the Ötzi with a smile and the time of 3:41.55,3.


Also Team Poland finished with a great result: 7th place in the category man >120!

Mateusz Bielen (bike), Marcin Rzeszotko (run) and Przystas Jakub (ski) finished with 3:26.04,6.


We look forward to Ötzi Alpin Marathon 2019!

Thank's guys!!!


Event: Ötzi Alpin Marathon 2018 - 15th Edition

Location: Naturno - Val Senales

Total distance: 42,2 km

  • Bike: 24,2 km - 1.538 m altitude difference
  • Run: 11,3 km - 495 m altitude difference
  • Ski: 6,7 km - 1.201 m altitude difference


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